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Jo Soley

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Jo is a business and marketing coach, helping passionate entrepreneurs build their business and reach the next level of success.  Jo infuses the power of numerology in her work with her clients, after embarking on her own journey with numerology, she understands herself on a different level and so many opportunities have opened up in her life and business. 


By understanding your destiny number, the personal year you are working in, and the meaning and expression of your name – numerology can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your business/career and consciously elevate your success through the power of numbers.   

Numerology has transformed Jo’s life and business to such a degree that her services are now related to connecting her clients to the energies of the numbers that they are working with in their life and business to help elevate their success. 


Jo will connect you to the energies of the numbers by showing you how the energies of the numbers affect us on a daily basis, share what numerology is and isn’t,  and will show you how to calculate your life path number, what this means and how to harness this energy in your business.

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