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Dexter Moscow

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Yes, Dexter Moscow is my real name. I know it sounds made up but it’s the name on my birth certificate.

It’s certainly a great stage name and although I’ve yet to appear as a leading man on the silver screen, a considerable amount of my practical selling experience comes from my years appearing in front of the camera on QVC The Shopping Channel selling £millions of products for major technology companies and other retailers.

In addition, for 16 years I worked behind the camera as their Chief Guest Trainer coaching and training guest presenters and celebrities to excel at the art of ‘selling on telly’.

This experience of, how to create a compelling selling propositions, informs my approach to sales coaching and communication in the corporate arena.

I have been an estate agent, and my early career was in advertising working for an agency with Mafia connections.

As a speaker I talk on several topics relating to communication, selling, influence and persuasion and presenting on TV, at symposiums and at conferences.

The same processes and frameworks I used when coaching others how to sell on TV are the same when we are seeking to get our message across.

My book on the subject is called Stand Up and Sell and enables those who follow these tried and tested processes to be more effective in their sales and presenting activities.

I’m a trained voice over and other claims to fame are having popcorn thrown at me by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, being sworn at by Kate Winslet in Branner’s Hamlet and other stories about my work with Nigella Lawson, Lulu and others at QVC.

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