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Dr Leanne Armitage

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My ultimate mission in life is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. I endeavour to do this through sharing my story of the obstacles I have overcome in order to walk in my purpose.


In addition to this, I have a passion for healthcare. I’m currently a recently qualified doctor with interests in Emergency Medicine. Whilst at medical school I realised there was a massive lack of diversity and in 2018 I Co-Founded a charity - The Armitage Foundation -which exists to increase diversity across UK medical schools.


As a result of the work I do through The Armitage Foundation I was awarded the 2018 Queen’s Young Leaders award by Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace.


In addition to this, I was also awarded the 2018 WeAreTheCity Rising Stars Award and the 2018 Aleto Foundation Tomorrow’s Leader Award. I have also been featured on/in Channel 4 News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio London, ITV News, the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard.


I believe that the healthcare profession should reflect the society it serves and this is the banner I am committed to waving!

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