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The Round Table - Series 1

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Success in Lockdown

Sughra Khaliq - Ameerah Consulting

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Sughra is a serial entrepreneur who runs two main businesses side by side.   She is a pro-ageing advocate and demonstrates how with more years of life, you can achieve your best skin ever.  At the same time, she helps other beauty professionals and entrepreneurs to share their expertise and generate revenue using online platforms in the ever growing beauty arena.


With 20 years of experience working as a consultant and a trainer in the spa and beauty industry, predominantly in South East Asia and the Middle East, she continues to train beauty and spa professionals to upskill.  Her training is a combination of hands on skills, online courses and ongoing mentorship.


Her vision is to show other entrepreneurs how to create freedom through working with non-traditional business models.

Barbara Armstrong - P three Business Development

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I help businesses to achieve their goals start by working with owners and leaders to develop their skills, solve complex problems, innovate and effectively lead.


As an author, business consultant, coach, facilitator and speaker, I have a reputation for seeking out and encouraging “next practice” for business success.

Specialising in business growth, transformational change, innovation and leadership excellence, I have experience of designing, developing and delivering customised solutions for private sector, public sector and not-for-profit organisations.


With a multi-discipline skill set in business and people development, I am committed to promoting and strengthening complementary leadership, ensuring synergy with business objectives, policies, corporate culture and values. 


Because there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, I design and deliver support, tailored to meet the specific needs of each business, giving context to interventions that are results focused, enhance learning, engage participants and transfer knowledge.


I am the only Adizes Methodology certified business consultant in the UK and a qualified corporate and executive coach, providing effective support in a wide variety of business environments and adhering to internationally recognised ethics and standards of professional conduct.  I am also an award winning professional speaker and facilitator.


I am author of Get Fit for Growth: 12 Fundamental Principles to Unleash the Growth Potential of Your Business, write articles and features, run workshops, chair conferences and make keynote presentations covering such topics as:


  • How to predict business success

  • What every leader should know

  • Change and the breaking down of resistance

  • How to build your leadership team

  • Leadership in the new economic landscape

  • Ten reasons to design a better corporate culture

  • 5 powerful strategies for business growth

Mandy Noss - Independent cabi Stylist

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My name is Mandy Noss and I’m a Pioneer Independent cabi Stylist here in the UK.

My passion in life is helping women find their own unique style and giving them the confidence to be able to step out into their day feeling their best. Being a cabi Stylist has enabled me to do just that.

My previous life (!) was advertising, marketing, licensing and product sourcing for brands like Disney and Barbie, immediately prior to my cabi journey, it was in the music industry.

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