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Learn from influential Entrepreneurs who lead through values.

Welcome to the Business Matchmaker® TV Podcast where you absorb and learn from purpose-driven Entrepreneurs about their mindset and values within todays evolving business landscape.


You will hear how valuable human connection and conversations are in an ever-increasing ‘click and connect’ world.


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneur or just eager to learn and know how values are key to your personal and business success…..then you’re in the right place because your values inform your thoughts, words and actions.


Guests include entrepreneurs and business leaders, all passionate about what they do and what drives them. Some familiar faces, some not so familiar but all equal with a powerful, inspiring journey.


So much knowledge and sharing occurs when two entrepreneurs talk, laugh, learn and share their wins and learns – but more importantly they naturally showcase their values.


Payal authentically demonstrates that her own values are evident, actionable and translate through her purpose and leadership.


Human connection is more important than it’s ever been.

Business Matchmaker TV
Season 2 - Coming soon
Season 3 - Coming soon
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