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Are your values reflected in your business and brand?

If I then asked you “Do your behaviours and actions reflect your brand?”

What would you say?

Your brand is the most single important investment you can make in your business. It’s YOU.

Working on your Branded Values™ begins with your brand strategy and making those key decisions on your business, ensuring you have a practical plan that you can implement and successfully evolve as your business grows.

Values are verbs, they are words that describe or show an action, state or occurrence. Corporate and business values are often written as nouns for example, integrity, respect, innovation. But for values to be actionable and for you to hold people accountable to them, they must be verbs. Verbs are ‘doing words’ and equate to your actions and behaviours.

So why do I need a Branded Values™ strategy?

When you look at your brand and business design and strategy, do your values and ethos translate to your customer? Do your clients see your passion and drive in you wanting to serve them?

Branded Values™ takes you back to the beginning of your journey and explores ‘why’ you started your business and how your values translate into the business ethos,  Your Branded Values™ strategy will allow you to recognise your true connection with your client and how to communicate that successfully.


The Branded Values™ mentoring programme is divided into 4 key sessions;

  • Identifying your values

  • Working on your brand strategy

  • Exploring your brand social media

  • Perfecting your brand pitch


How can I find out more?

We offer 3 choices within our Branded Values™ programme and also a store.

Branded Values™ Clarity Call

** coming soon Branded Values™ Mentoring Zoom

** coming soon Branded Values™ Mentoring Group

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