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The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed

Adam Grant

Personal growth and experience has played a key part in my success, and the desire to assist and support is an integral part of who I am.

My Entrepreneurial journey started in 1997 designing CD-ROM interfaces whilst completing a Masters in Time-Based Media. This led to me starting my first company medi@hype before the course even finished with first clients including Department of Transport, British Gas, Synergy and BTR .


My journey has evolved and continued to grow ever since. Key decisions and choices I have made have enhanced my growth and learning over the years to fully comprehend the highs and lows entrepreneurs and business owners face.


Fast forward to today, and I am embracing my purpose.

I mentor entrepreneurs in achieving and exceeding goals to grow and take businesses to the next level through my Branded Values™ programme either as 1-2-1 or in group mentoring.

Values, brand strategy, social media and networking are all covered to ensure entrepreneurs and business leaders work and lead through their values.


With a proven track record in mentoring, I invest time and energy into getting to know you so there is a positive synergy in the connection, with proven results.


There is something unique about being able to read people, their emotions, their values and understand what drives them in their business. Empathy in leadership allows understanding and recognizing others feelings and perspectives. No-one can effectively lead people and businesses they do not truly understand. Listening is key within any business.

I authentically demonstrate that my own values are actionable and translate through my own purpose, behaviours and leadership.

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself”

Together with my mentoring, I am a highly regarded host, speaker and event facilitator for Executive business events. I connect and speak to audiences of 200+ entrepreneurs and business leaders on a monthly basis, hosting executive networking events at The Ivy in London and within the East and West Midlands.

Human connection is more important than it’s ever been, and if you’re needing to reset and work on your Branded Values™- connect here to work with me!

Payal Walker

Business Matchmaker®

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