“Human connection and values are the key to personal & business success“

It’s all about you…the Entrepreneur, the Business leader, YOU!

Your story defines who you are, what you and your brand is all about and your story also highlights your values - all of which lead your clients to form that deeper connection and resonate with you, After all, your values define your behaviours, actions and words.


Allowing your clients to see your ‘why’ opens up connection channels and removes barriers.

Your values form your base to your clients, allowing them to see why your business matters to you and how you can serve them.


Working within our 2 worlds of digital and physical – how do you thrive and survive as an Entrepreneur? Have you ensured your values transpire into your business?   

Does your business stand out amongst all the noise?

Do your values reflect your business?

Do you have a brand strategy?


When you know your values, business and personal decisions become clear. Sharing your business, your products, your knowledge and skills becomes second nature. You won’t hesitate when telling your colleague about you and your business.


Payal Walker is a respected Entrepreneur Mentor who assists in achieving and exceeding goals to grow and take businesses to the next level through the Branded Values™ programme either as 1-2-1 or in group mentoring.  The key objective being to master values, clarity & vision in your business together.

Alongside the mentoring, Payal Walker is the Business Matchmaker®, a highly regarded host, speaker and event facilitator for Executive business events within the UK.

She connects and speaks to audiences of 200+ entrepreneurs and business leaders on a monthly basis, hosting executive networking events at The Ivy in London and within the East and West Midlands.


Can you see where the 2 align?

Mastering your values, clarity and vision – we can take you and your business further together.

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